Date: Wed 18 May 2022

How Shutters can help reduce your energy bills

As we head into a time of great uncertainty (and increasing anxiety) when it comes to the rise in the cost of energy bills, many of our clients and potential clients alike will be turning their attention to ways in which they can help to reduce these increasing costs. Shutters of all styles will help to provide an extra level of insulation in your home in comparison to curtains (especially vital when British temperatures can drastically drop from autumn onwards!), but which ones should you choose to help insulate your home in the best possible way, whilst still adapting to warmer weather come spring and summer?

Whilst solid wooden shutters offer the maximum amount of insulation, our Plantation shutters are a great solution that work all year round and we believe offer our customers best value for money. This style of shutter keeps heat from escaping out through the windows, and when fully closed plantation shutters form an additional barrier between the room and the window they are fitted to. This provides insulation for your home in two ways: the air between the shutters and the windows works as insulation in a similar way to double glazing: preventing convection currents and adding a layer of air. Secondly, the shutter creates an extra obstacle for the cold to penetrate or the heat to leak from. This is crucial during those long winter nights when you need to stop heat escaping out of the home. For insulative purposes, we also recommend complete window coverage with Full Height Shutters.

When it comes to having plantation shutters in your home in the summer, their design works perfectly (having originated in the hot and humid Deep South of the US), and you can keep your shutters closed to keep out the sun to protect you from the heat, or open some of the louvres to let some light in and keep the bottom half closed against the heat.

So why else are shutters better than curtains?

So many windows have a radiator located directly underneath them, and with curtains, closing them means that the heat generated by the radiator becomes trapped behind them, preventing it from circulating and actually doing the job of heating your home. With Plantation shutters, this is not the case and therefore any heat rising from the radiator will recirculate back into the room, meaning you use your radiator for less time - saving you money in the long run.

Whatever your window design or style, there will be the right shutter for your home that can help you control the temperature come winter or summer- therefore helping you manage and reduce your energy bills.

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